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Our Services

At Whitley Engineering, we offer a variety of services. These range from observations and integrity evaluations out in the field to plan reviews in our office.

Frequent areas we investigate and design include:

  • Retaining walls
  • Concrete slabs & walls
  • Foundation settlement & deflection
  • Settlement of load bearing structures
  • Integrity of load bearing structures
  • Integrity of insect damaged wood
  • Moisture intrusion & control
  • Evaluation of fire damage
  • Structural integrity of older buildings
  • Wood framing defects & renovations
  • Exterior decks
  • Framing observations of new constructions
  • Design of heavy timber construction
  • Light frame design of structures up to three stories in height
  • Light commercial, steel & concrete design
  • Foundation designs for metal buildings


Other Types Of Observations include:

Frame Observation:
This is the ideal time to have an observation performed on your house. You will want to schedule this observation after all mechanical and plumbing work has been completed and prior to any drywall being completed. These observations are performed to note if any obvious structural deficiencies exist.

Structural Review:
A full structural observation, is an observation of the entire structure. This is performed once the house is completed and includes an observation of the interior, exterior, attic and basement or crawlspace (if applicable). These observations are performed to note if any obvious structural deficiencies exist.


Specific Items Requested:
These are observations performed in reference to previous inspections performed by other agencies with items they wish for us to observe. These observations can range in various items.

Plan Design:
We do a variety of work with plans such as residential design, light frame commercial (3-stories or less).

Request Forms:
If you are interested in having work done, please go back to our home page and click on the link for Request Our Services and fill out that form. Thank you!

We also provide HUD designs, Mobile Home Setup Observations and FHA Observations for manufactured homes. Phone: 704-888-BEAM (2326)