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About Our Company

Whitley Engineering, Inc. started in 1979 as a part-time business while working for a highway contractor where I had been employed since 1975. This part-time business remained constant over time and was primarily involved in truss repairs, cofferdam design, bridge forming design and other miscellaneous design work required for heavy highway construction.

In 1995 Whitley Engineering Inc. became a full-time venture and its growth has been beyond any expectation that I could have ever imagined. During the period of growth, I became a licensed general contractor of North Carolina and Florida as well as a licensed Real Estate broker in North Carolina and South Carolina. By understanding the needs of realtors, we have become extremely active in the real estate market doing structural reports for buyers and sellers. We are very active working for various builders in the housing market both preparing plans prior to construction and performing site visits to evaluate necessary repairs during the course of construction.

If you are one of our current customers or potential customers, I would like to thank you for making Whitley Engineering Inc. everything that it has become.

God Bless,

Joel E Whitley, P.E.
President, Whitley Engineering Inc.